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3 Wedding MC Jokes
So, are there sure-fire jokes that work at every Wedding Reception? 

That depends. How you tell a joke is crucial. The authors of The Wedding MC Jokebook recommend you never say “here’s a joke…” They recommend you weave them into your presentation. And they explain how. 

For now, I will assume you know how to use humor in your presentation. From the same book, I found a couple of sure-fire jokes you can use. 

Here is a good joke to use before the toast to the groom. Also, a great joke to use anywhere in the program. For instance, before introducing the individual giving the toast to the bride.

Before Barb and Greg got married they went for psychoanalysis to make sure they were compatible. Greg was done in a day, but Barb had to return for several more sessions. It wasn’t that Barb had any problems. It was just that when they had to go back to their childhood, it was easy for Greg because he was already there.

Tell the joke in your own words of course, but make sure you keep the last line the same (punchline), keeping the same order of ideas.

The following joke fits in the reception where you are introducing or talking about either the Bride’s or the Groom’s grandparents or parents.

Frank and Elizabeth are pleased that their granddaughter is getting married. I didn’t realize how caught up in the whole event they had become until Elizabeth said that she wanted to relive her wedding. She told Frank that they should run upstairs and make love. Frank said she had to make a decision because he couldn’t do both.

Can be used with parents (change granddaughter to daughter). Emphasize “run upstairs” and “make love” when presenting.

Here’s a one-liner: Marriage teaches you loyalty, patience, understanding, perseverence, and a lot of other things you wouldn’t need if you’d stayed single.

The above jokes are tried and true. Enjoy telling them and the audience will laugh.